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Steorn again

Post  John Drake on Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:50 am

Steorn is an internet marketing firm that announced some years ago that it had invented the worlds first over unity machine. Yeah i thought how did an internet marketing firm invent the worlds greatest ever machine and rewrite physics at the same time.

Steorn proclaimed that the device would be tested by independent scientists and engineers from round the globe and anyone wishing to receive the test results need only register on their site using a valid email address. An internet marketing firm asking for your email address, are the alarm bells ringing yet? Test results were never released.

A while back Steorn announced that they would be showing their invention to the public in London. Not having been down to London for some time i thought what the hell lets go have a look and take in some sites at the same time. On arriving at the demo i was told the machine could not be viewed and would not be available to view for some time as it was not working. Alarm bells ringing yet? They should be as cancelled demos of such devices are a common con trick. Steorn put the malfunction down to lights in the gallery.

Well that was some time back and now Steorn are at it again. The machine can now be viewed In Dublin.

People are far from impressed as the machine is nothing more than an electric motor running on a battery. Steorn swear the machine is charging the battery at a rate of 3:1 and it will run forever. My question is if thats the case why not replace the battery with a capasitor and stop it looking like the obvious fraud it is. Why not have 2 outputs so people can bring a multimeter or oscilloscope and test the output?

The battery is the large black and silver cylinder to the bottom left of the device, and is connected via the electronics and red cable to the internal mechanism. Because of the translucency of the plastic, the details of the mechanism aren't clear. For those interested, the cell is shown at 2:09 in the youtube "launch" video. Even The generator makes no (positive) difference because all your doing is adding the losses of the generator into the loop.

If the machine runs itself why charge the battery? Why have a battery? Its only extra resistance which takes its tole on efficancy so why bother? Why not connect the output to the input and give it a start? This is a question free energy fraudsters hate.

It will run forever they say. Well its going to have to run the full length of the demo which goes into January because Steorn have a live video cast on their web site. Or will it? The question people are asking is why is the web cast interrupted for hours at a time and mostly when the demo is closed.

Either this has all been an ridiculously expensive joke/hoax. Or total incompetence, which would seem unlikely. Or maybe this is part of an imagined publicity scheme, but this demo is just ridiculous.

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