A Question from Newbie Masonicboomerang

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A Question from Newbie Masonicboomerang

Post  masonicboomerang on Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:40 am


Cool forum here, what does HPANWO stand for ??

Doesn't Ben have a forum by the same name or acronym ??
I can't seem to sign on that one despite I just got an email from him
asking why I had registered and not posted.
No prob registering here and logging in.

I just had a vision, since I am getting in when there are only 5 member, by the time we have more than DIF (about a month I'd say)
You can make me Moderator and I can go powermad banning people for typos and whatnot!
Moo-Ha-Ha !!

Anyway, so far I love the Icke lightbulb joke. lol!

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